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35 Incredible Things To Do In Napoli, Italy

Welcome to Napoli, the vibrant city that offers a plethora of incredible experiences for travelers. From its fascinating history and stunning architecture to its world-renowned cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do and see in this Italian gem. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or simply someone who enjoys exploring new places, Napoli has something for everyone.

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Napoli is steeped in history and boasts a rich cultural heritage. The city’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a maze of narrow streets, ancient ruins, and impressive buildings that showcase the city’s past. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic center and immerse yourself in the charm of centuries-old architecture and quaint traditional shops.

Of course, no visit to Napoli would be complete without indulging in its most famous culinary delight: pizza. Napoli is the birthplace of pizza, and you’ll find some of the best pizza in the world here. From the classic Margherita to unique flavor combinations, every bite is a taste sensation. Be sure to visit one of the famous pizzerias and experience the true Neapolitan pizza.

As you explore Napoli, you’ll discover numerous picturesque landmarks and breathtaking viewpoints. From the iconic Mount Vesuvius, which offers panoramic views of the city and the stunning Bay of Napoli, to the charming Quartieri Spagnoli with its vibrant street art and bustling atmosphere, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring sights in this captivating city.

So whether you’re interested in history, art, or simply immersing yourself in the local culture, Napoli is the perfect destination. Join us as we uncover the top 35 incredible things to do in Napoli, Italy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover Napoli’s rich history and explore the fascinating architecture of its historic center.
  • Indulge in the world’s best pizza at one of Napoli’s famous pizzerias.
  • Experience the breathtaking views from Mount Vesuvius and learn about its volcanic history.
  • Get lost in the vibrant Quartieri Spagnoli and admire the city’s unique street art.
  • Embrace the local culture and immerse yourself in the charm of Napoli’s traditional shops and markets.

Eat the Best Pizza in the World

If you’re a pizza lover, then Napoli is the place for you. Known as the birthplace of pizza, this vibrant city in Italy offers some of the best pizza in the world. Napoli is famous for its authentic Neapolitan pizza, which is made with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven to perfection.

There are numerous pizzerias in Napoli that have gained worldwide recognition for their incredible pizzas. One of the most famous pizzerias is L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele, which has been serving mouthwatering pizzas since 1870. Another popular choice is Sorbillo, a family-owned pizzeria that has been delighting locals and tourists alike with their delicious pizzas.

To truly immerse yourself in the art of pizza-making, why not take a pizza cooking class in Napoli? Learn from the experts and discover the secrets behind creating the perfect Neapolitan pizza. From kneading the dough to choosing the right toppings, you’ll get hands-on experience and a chance to enjoy your own culinary masterpiece.

Indulging in Napoli’s world-famous pizza is an extraordinary experience that should not be missed during your visit to Italy. So, grab a slice of happiness and savor the flavors of Napoli, where every bite is a taste of perfection.

Explore the Historic Center of Naples

The historic center of Napoli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture. It showcases the rich heritage and architectural marvels of this ancient city. Walking through the historic center, you’ll be immersed in the fascinating history of Napoli and its diverse influences.

The center is adorned with ancient Greek city walls, testimony to the city’s ancient origins and strategic importance. These walls, built in the 4th century BC, are a reminder of Napoli’s past as a Greek colony.

The Byzantine churches scattered throughout the historic center are architectural gems that showcase the city’s religious and cultural heritage. One such example is the beautiful Basilica di San Giovanni Maggiore, with its intricate mosaics and stunning artwork.

But it’s not just the ancient monuments that make the historic center of Napoli fascinating. As you wander through the narrow streets, you’ll encounter vibrant street art that adds a contemporary flair to the historic surroundings. Napoli is renowned for its street art scene, and the historic center is the perfect canvas for these artistic expressions.

“The historic center of Napoli is a masterpiece of urban planning and architectural design, blending different styles and influences throughout the centuries. It truly reflects the soul of this vibrant city.” – Local historian

One of the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods in the historic center is the Quartieri Spagnoli, or Spanish Quarter. This neighborhood has its own unique character and charm, with colorful apartment buildings, narrow alleys, and bustling local markets. It’s the perfect place to experience the authentic Napoli lifestyle and witness the daily life of the locals.

If historic architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and vibrant street art are your interests, then the historic center of Napoli should be at the top of your sightseeing list.

historic center of Napoli

  • Immerse yourself in the rich history of Napoli by exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the historic center.
  • Admire the ancient Greek city walls and Byzantine churches that dot the cityscape.
  • Experience the contemporary side of Napoli through its vibrant street art.
  • Get lost in the lively Quartieri Spagnoli and discover its unique charm.

Visiting the historic center of Napoli is like stepping back in time while being surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city. It’s an experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Napoli’s historic and cultural significance.

Visit Mount Vesuvius

Located near Napoli, Mount Vesuvius is a must-visit attraction for nature enthusiasts. As a symbol of Napoli, this active volcano offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Napoli and the surrounding area. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the remarkable power and beauty of nature up close.

For those seeking adventure, hiking Mount Vesuvius is an unforgettable experience. It allows you to get closer to the volcano’s crater and immerse yourself in its fascinating history and volcanic activity. The hike provides an exhilarating journey through diverse landscapes, including volcanic ash and rocky terrain, making it a thrilling and rewarding challenge.

If hiking isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still explore Mount Vesuvius through a guided tour. These tours include transportation to the volcano and provide informative commentary from knowledgeable local guides. It’s a comfortable and convenient way to learn about Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic history and witness its remarkable geological features without breaking a sweat.

Whether you choose to hike or take a guided tour, visiting Mount Vesuvius is an opportunity to connect with the natural wonders of Napoli. So, put on your hiking shoes or hop on a tour bus, and embark on an unforgettable journey to this iconic volcano.


What are some popular attractions in Napoli?

Some popular attractions in Napoli include the historic center, Mount Vesuvius, and the famous pizzerias.

Where can I eat the best pizza in Napoli?

Some of the best pizzerias in Napoli include L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele and Sorbillo.

Can I learn how to make Neapolitan pizza in Napoli?

Yes, you can take a pizza cooking class in Napoli and learn how to make your own Neapolitan pizza.

What can I see in the historic center of Napoli?

In the historic center of Napoli, you can see ancient Greek city walls, Byzantine churches, vibrant street art, and experience the lively Quartieri Spagnoli.

What is Mount Vesuvius?

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano near Napoli that offers stunning views and hiking opportunities.

Can I visit Mount Vesuvius on a guided tour?

Yes, you can take a guided tour that includes transportation and informative commentary from a local guide.

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